Leverage Cash Buy Program

You want to win your dream home. We want to help make it happen.

Our Cash Buy Program is designed to put power back in your hands, and help you win the home of your dreams by giving you an extra edge over the competition. Shop for your new home with less stress and more confidence, knowing that you're in charge of the process with a guaranteed cash offer.

Make your offer stand out
Be ready with cash when the right home comes on the market.

Save time and money
Cash offers are accepted 4x more than a financed offer, and can save you up to 12% on the purchase price.

Shorter close and faster gains
Get the keys to your new home in as little as 14 days, and start capturing market appreciation in your home right away.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Cash Buy and Cash Buy Before Sell?

Cash Buy is for home buyers who can close on their mortgage without selling another property. This includes first-time home buyers! Cash Buy Before Sell is for home buyers who need the proceeds from their current home before closing on a new mortgage.


What happens if I don't find a home right away?

There's no rush for you to find your dream home. The program approval is good for the duration of the mortgage pre-approval. If you need more time, we'll get you re-approved for the program so you can continue shopping.


For Cash Buy Before Sell, how long do I have to sell my old home?

You have 60 days from the moment of the first closing with a cash offer on your new home to get under contract on the sale of your old home. We encourage you to buy your new home back quickly, so be sure to price your old home competitively. This will save you time and money!


Who controls the negotiations and closing?

You and your agent are still in control of all negotiations and due diligence items like a typical transaction, inclusive of inspection. We want you to experience a highly personalized experience, as you would with a traditional closing.


Do homes require an inspection?

Yes, inspections are required on all purchase contracts. Your approval is needed before signing any and all due diligence documents. For example, the inspection resolution.


Am I financially qualified for the program?

Cash approval can be given with as little as a 2.5% down payment on your mortgage. We work closely with your lender to confirm the details.


How long does the approval process take?

In addition to mortgage pre-approval, you can be approved in 24 hours or less!

For more information about our exclusive program, contact your Drysdale agent.